About Us

Bratstvo Inox is a company with a different activities in the metal industry. The humble beginnings of the company in the far 1949, are followed by years of prosperity, development and diversification. Since 2010, the company has new, transformed, private capital structure and began its growth and diversification of activities. We continue with the production of the famous stainless steel cookware, with constant upgrades in design and quality.
The rich production program consists of plates and pots for households, hotels and restaurants in which the food can be prepared, stored, transported and served in a accordance with all standards of the gastronomy. The products for storage and transportation of the food enable 24 hours preservation of the desired temperature of the food. The volume of the pots is in the rang from 1 to 70 liters.Saving of the energy during the preparation of the meals (1:3), easy maintenance as well as long duration of the stainless steel material makes the products very practical and desirable.
In 2013 as a part of Bratstvo group comes the Forge which was previously part of MZT Skopje, and we start with forging works. Our Forge consists of a production plant (2100 m2), a tool warehouse containing different tools, a compressor station and a raw material warehouse. We can manufacture forged pieces up to 15 kg, on blacksmith presses up to 1600t, and hammer up to 2.5t. The material heat treatment is conducted in modern induction furnace up to 300 KW, and then we cut them with a diameter up to 100mm. The parts after the fogging are sanded in rotation sander with steel buckshot .As a metal component supplier, our goal is to achieve excellence in providing customers with custom forging solutions that deliver desirable or essential attributes. We can forge by drawing, depending on our customers needs. Our team is highly-qualified and is ready to adjust our clients demands. High motivation, commitment and competence of our employees guarantee a supreme quality of each and any product coming from our Forge.

In 2014 Bratstvo Group expands with two new activities- surface protection of metals and manufacture of epoxy resin insulators . Services offered in our plant are :
Zinc coating, Anodic oxidation, Phosphating , Electroless nickel plating , Bluing, Hard chrome plating. Planned services in the near future : Decorative Plating Nickel -Chrome and Plating of Zinc – Nickel alloy. The plant is equipped with modern laboratories to control the quality of solutions and inflicted coatings.

Product line for insulators and transformers was bought by a well-known company EMO Ohrid and we produce the same epoxy resin insulators.
International Standard ISO 9001 initiated a systematic approach to the development , implementation and improvements in system quality.All programs that are produced in our company have this standard. Modern technology allows us to work quickly and efficiently. Our major investment in equipment and so we are able to manufacture complex products.